Monday, February 16, 2009

The Letter M

Someone started these lists on the other blog I write on: . It's teachers and parents of Pickett County K-8 where my kids attend school. I received the letter M a while back and thought I'd post it on my personal blog too. Try it on your blog; it's challenging but fun! I'm getting my letters assigned by Keyton, the son of one of the teachers.

10 Things I Love That Begin With The Letter *M*

1. The picture says it all....Mickey Mouse....don't we all love this mouse? You can't help but smile when you hang out with the mouse!

2. Mom...she's the best friend that will always be there no matter what. I love my MOM!

3. Mother-in-law...yikes...did I say that? Yes, I did. I have a wonderful Mother-in-law. Her name is Jewell Pritchett and she's as good as GOLD.

4. does a body good! I love Milk! I drink skim milk. I buy 2 gallons about every 3 days. Yes, there are other people in my house who love it too! ( :

5. Macaroni...I love pasta! Jack says I could live on it. Yep, I could.

6. Malls...I love to go to a Mall! I don't have to be looking for anything in particular. I love to look and look. I can go home empty-handed and that's ok. I love to people watch too. Where else can you see so many hair colors and new fashion all at one place!?

7. Memories...I love the memories I have of family and friends. There are so many wonderful times etched in my heart!

8. M & M' of my favorite candies! I love plain or peanut! Just give me some now! Thanks Ethan for the peanut ones earlier today! I got into his Valentine bag from school!

9. Magazines...I love to read magazines as much as I do books! I have subscriptions to several. And I just ordered more through the school. I got 3 requests in the mail. So what do we have coming this time? Redbook, National Geographic and Sports Illustrated...guess which ones belong to who?!

10. Movies...I love to watch movies when I have the theater or on Lifetime or the Hallmark Channel.

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