Saturday, September 27, 2008

Esther House

Meet my friend, Kelly Guffey. My hairdresser, wife of my co-worker and most importantly, president of Esther House, Inc. She's an inspiration to me. She founded Esther House in 2006, a dream of hers since she was a teenager. It's a home for battered women and their children. Not a shelter. It's a home after the shelter. At Esther House, women will commit to a 6-18 month program...and the opportunity to receive a well-grounded, well-balanced life. They will get assistance in furthering their education, learning basic skills like balancing a budget, writing a resume, just gaining their independence and feeling safe. The home is scheduled to open in 2009 and it's amazing to me how everything has fell in place for this "dream." Kelly put it in God's hands first and He has made everything possible. She has had such faith through so many decisions and trials to make this home a reality. I'm so proud of her and what she has accomplished. If you ever feel the need to donate to worthy cause, please keep Esther House in mind. It's a non-profit organization so donations are always needed and appreciated. Visit the Esther House website at

Did you know? One in three women experience some form of domestic violence. Domestic abuse is the number one cause of Emergency Room visits by women. Every 9 seconds in the United States a woman is assaulted by her partner.

Welcome Tucker!

We would like to introduce you to the newest member of our family, Sir Moses Tucker. Just call him Tucker. We got him on September 11th. He's a Lhasa Apso and almost 4 months old. It's like having a baby all over again. But he's a sweetheart. It's our first inside pet which is interesting to say the least! We are all learning a lot! And so is Tucker. He's so smart! We are having so much fun with him. He and Mollie, the outside dog, and Butterscotch, an outside cat, are best of friends. Even Callie Jo, Butterscotch's momma, is warming up to him. I saw her rub up against Tucker earlier today! So I guess all of us are falling in love with the little fur ball!
"There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Tyler turned 16 on September 4th. How do I explain how this feels? I can't. It's a strange mix of unbelief, excitement, sadness, worry. Unbelief because the past 16 years have flown by. Excitement because he can help me deliver kids everywhere. Sadness because he's growing up and leaving the nest more often. Worry because he is leaving the nest more often and I have to let him leave more often and worry until he's back in the house safe and sound. Make any sense? He's had his learner's permit since January. He took the road test on his birthday and moved on up to an intermediate restricted license. He was so excited, and I remember that feeling, don't you? It's wonderful being 16 and then again it was so hard. I want to warn him about getting his heart broken, but I want him to take that chance. I want to tell him not to worry about what others think, get out there and dance; yes, when everyone is watching. I want to keep him safe from all the heartaches yet to come, but I know I can't. He has to learn some things on his own. And I have to let go some so he can learn. But I'll be here in the wings watching and praying . . .

". . . Cause it's a long narrow, Only the Good Lord knows where it leads in the end, But you got to begin, So keep your hands on the wheel, Believe in the things that are real, Just take your time and keep it between the lines . . ."


Hi...welcome to my Corner! Not sure what will be here, but wanted to create my own space...seems to be the going thing and I enjoy reading everyone else's, so maybe someone out there will enjoy mine! Anyways, welcome and enjoy your stay!