Saturday, March 14, 2009


We celebrated my Granny Padgett's 82nd birthday on Feb. 28 with a surprise party at my cousin's house. Granny thought she was attending her daughter's birthday party! Yep, she was surprised. There was well over 35 people there and she had a great time visiting with family and friends. She has 8 children, including my mom, who is the oldest, 15 grandchildren and approximately 31 great grandchildren. I'm guessing there! She always has a hug waiting and a smile that's a mile wide. She loves the Lord, her children, grandchildren, reading the Enquirer and watching Nancy Grace. She's a blessing to all of us and I love her so much!

"Better let him out, Momma's looking for him..."

Congratulations State Farm Team!

Courtney played basketball for the State Farm team of the Overton County Junior Pro Basketball League, and they won their 2nd-3rd grade tournament! Way to go girls! Courtney had so much fun with these new friends and learned a lot too.

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Letter S

10 Things I Love That Begin With The Letter *S*
I'm behind. Keyton assigned the letter S to me weeks ago and I've been working on it a little at a time. But I'm finishing it up now and will move on to another letter soon!

1. you can see from these pictures, there are all kinds of smiles and when you catch them on your favorite people, they're even more special. A smile can change someone's day and it improves your face value. You can't go wrong with a smile!

2. does smiles, can change your day! I love the warmth of the sun, not too hot, but when it's just right!

3. Sunsets...I love a beautiful sunset. Of course I've never experienced an ugly one, have you?

4. Scrapbooking...I love to scrapbook. I'm in the process of fixing up my scrapping room; it's slow but will be great when finished! I haven't created that many pages, but I could open my own scrapbook store with all the products I have! Anyone else out there who wants to try and get a crop night going? That would be fun!

5. Spaghetti...yes, my favorite food group. Pasta, pasta, pasta and more pasta. Give me more! I cook spaghetti only once a week or so now or when it's just me around. Jack will not eat it, I burnt him out I guess like he did me on tacos!

6. Serendipity...I've just always liked this word! I liked the movie too! It means good fortune; luck; an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.

7. Silliness...I love to act silly with my kids. I think I annoy them at times though!

8. Sleep...I always want more!

9. Saturdays...Yay for the weekend! I get to sleep in, well, sometimes!

10. Snow...I love when it first falls and our drive through the woods is covered and no one has driven on it yet. When it hangs on the trees, and everything is still and quiet. After moving here in 1981 from Michigan, I didn't think I'd ever want to see snow again, but I miss it. Still miss the "big" ones.


Hi...welcome to my Corner! Not sure what will be here, but wanted to create my own space...seems to be the going thing and I enjoy reading everyone else's, so maybe someone out there will enjoy mine! Anyways, welcome and enjoy your stay!