Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy 10th Birthday to Ethan

My nephew Ethan will be 10 years old on February 15. He is a wonderful kid and I'm proud to be his aunt. He's such a cutie pie too especially with those dimples! Here are 10 random things about Ethan...

1. Ethan can jump rope. He's not just an ordinary jump roper. He can really get with it!

2. When Ethan was born, the doctor called CODE BLUE to his room. Ethan was fine, the doctor just wanted more nurses to help him and they weren't coming the normal way. For those of us standing at the door, we weren't breathing. Yes, we gave the doc a "good talking to."

3. Ethan loves books, especially ones about the states. One of his favorite places is Books-A-Million, just like his Aunt Cyndi.

4. Ethan Paul is named after his father, Jeffrey Paul, and his grandpa, Jerry Paul.

5. Ethan could live on Ramen noodles. Not kidding.

6. Ethan does not drink soda. Never has. He hates it. He only drinks milk, water and Gatorade and some juices.

7. Ethan can really carry a tune! He loves to sing and you'll hear him humming when he's just hanging around the house.

8. Ethan will not eat pepperoni on his pizza. He pulls them off and puts them in Aunt Cyndi's plate who is ever so happy to eat them.

9. Ethan is protective of his little brother Peyton who is 3 years old. If Peyton is crying after him, he will stay with him and not let him cry. And of course, Peyton thinks Ethan hung the moon.

10. Ethan also has a little sister, Paige who is 7 years old. She doesn't think Ethan hung the moon.

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  1. Happy Birthday to Ethan, he is one of the best boys I know! I wish I did not like soda!



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