Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy 14th Birthday to Cade

Happy 14th Birthday to my son Cade. Handsome, sweet, kind, fun are just a few words to describe him. He is growing up too fast for me. It seems it was just yesterday we were celebrating his 1st birthday! Now he's on his way to high school! He's a great kid and I'm proud to be his mom. Love ya Cader Tater! Yep, he's gonna get me for that.

Here are some random things about Cade. . .

1. Cade's full name is James Cade, named after his grandpa, James Devoid (best known as J.D.) and his uncle James David (best known as Uncle Dave). Cade's brother Tyler who was almost 3 when Cade was born chose his little brother's name. He had to choose between James Cade or Dylan James.

2. Cade has some nicknames...Cader Tater, Cade-e-did and Jim Cade.

3. Cade wouldn't want me to tell this about him, but he's such a loving kid. He always hugs his family and tells them he loves them.

4. Cade loves baseball. He wants to play professionally. He got hurt in the 3rd game of the year and had to be out the rest of the season, and he was really down about it. But he's healed and ready for next year!

5. Cade could live on mashed potatoes and mac and cheese, honest.

6. Cade loves to play guitar. He has taught himself by using the Internet and has learned many songs, but only the first few lines! We give him a hard time about trying to learn the whole song before moving on to another one. He even learned "Jessie's Girl" just for me.

7. He loves to eat at Red Lobster.

8. Cade's hero is his dad.

9. He has given his life to Christ and was baptized a couple of years ago.
10. If the baseball gig doesn't work out he may be a meteorologist.


  1. I really enjoyed reading this list about Cade. It is sweet that he learned Jessie's Girl for you! I already knew he was a sweetie but now I am even more impressed! I will miss him this year!
    Happy Birthday Cade!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Cade, you are on my favorite boys list!!!

  3. Seems like only yesterday that he was trying his best to jump and touch the ceiling....he would say look granny I can almost do it.
    Now he is looking down at me, instead of me looking down at him. He is looking forward to getting his drivers permit next year so he can take me where I want to go. We have these granny, grandsons talks. LOL....
    Love You Caddie Pooh.....
    Granny Gail

  4. Guess Who Caddie Pooh?? I am looking up to you now instead of you looking up to me. Doesn't seem long ago you was trying to jump high enough to touch the ceiling.
    Love you very much.



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