Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Goodbye Gallbladder!

Well that title should catch some attention! This is a little update on me and my organs! I gladly gave one up the day after Christmas! I went to the ER on Christmas night at 10:15 after suffering incredible pain, not just incredible, but how do I describe it? There are no words. I have never hurt that much in my life. Yes, ladies much worse than labor pain! Even after being hooked up on phenigran and morphine, the pain was there...so more morphine came and finally relief. The pain was so intense my blood pressure was 222 over something. My blood test showed pancreatitis (caused by a gallstone). Yes, I knew I had gallstones, but had never experienced pain with them. They were actually found by accident a couple of years ago when I had a liver ultrasound. The surgeon said if they weren't bothering me there was no problem. Well, that problem finally arrived in a big way. Note: If you have gallstones, DO NOT WAIT FOR THE BIG ONE! I told Jack on the way to the hospital that this was it, I was having the big one. Well, I'm still here with one less body part...well three! I gave up my tonsils and appendicts years ago. Hopefully that's all for a while!

Did you know? Gallstones affect approximately one in ten Americans, and are associated with approximately 3,000 deaths annually and more than 800,000 hospitalizations each year are caused by gallstones that are large enough to cause significant pain.


  1. Cindi, you didn't need that gall bladder anyway! That was not a very good Christmas present though! Hope you are feeling better now.

  2. Worse than labor pains? *Shudders at the thought* I am so sorry to hear about this Cyndi, but glad you got it taken care of and that pain is gone forever now! Hope the new year brings you much good health & happiness! Love your blog :)

  3. Believe me...I know what you went thru and then some! Thats is what almost cost me my life! I am a very big advocate on encouraging people not to wait around if they even THINK it might be their gallbladder! Glad everything worked out for you.

  4. Hey Cyn!
    Sorry you had to go thru that on Christmas!!!
    I know that pain... I thought I was maybe having anxiety pain the first time but when it kept happening, the pain just does not end!! And I agree, much worse than labour pains!
    I figured out if I took 2 tylenol b4 eating fatty foods, I wouldn't get pain. I've never experienced pain like that either! I got mine taken out several years ago!

  5. Hey Cyndi! Well...Keyton was excited to hear he was back on letter duty tonight! He has carefully chosen the letter M for you! I can't wait to read all about it! Good seeing you tonight!



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